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Chain hoist, 5 t, 86 m

Planning, supply, installation and commissioning of chain hoists and equipment for lifting and transporting heavy loads in industry.
We offer complete solutions and solve your tasks completely or procure components for the maintenance, modernization and repair of existing plants.
Chain hoists are equipped with manual, electric or pneumatic drives and are also available with explosion protection with a load capacity of 125 to 50,000 kg.
Chain hoist, 5,000 kg, lifting height 86 m, otherwise they have a capacity of 125 kg to 30,000 kg.

Services and support

Maintenance of the chain hoist 6.3 t, 43 m

Supply of spare parts, assembly, maintenance, modernization and repair.
For already installed or existing systems we supply spare parts and consumables and maintain and modernize them.

Picture: Maintenance of the chain hoist 6.3 t, 43 m on 3000 t excavator.

Cranes and hoists

Bridge crane 100 t, range 42 m
Načrtovanje, dobava, montaža, mostnih dvigal z verigo ali jekleno vrvjo. Dobava rezervnih delov, vzdrževanje, modernizacija in popravila.
EMH - Engineered Material Handling načrtuje, proizvaja in dobavlja celotno linijo dvigal in komponent za dvigala nosilnosti 125 kg do 250 t in več.
Slika: EMH-mostna dvigala, 100 t, 45 m raspona, https://www.emhcranes.eu/de/partner/.

Equipment assemblies

Hangers for work scales, adjustable: 2 x 100 mm, M 60, safety factor 12.

Suspensions for working bee, adjustable: 2 x 100 mm, M 60, safety factor 12.
Picture: Completely hot-dip galvanized, suspension rings: powder-coated, shekel bolts: lacquered 


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