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Chain hoist 32 t short version.

We deal with the tasks and look for the solutions with which you can move and transport heavy loads in your company cost-effectively and efficiently.

Picture: Assembly preparation - chain hoist, short version, max. load 32,000 kg, lifting height 15 m, in operation in Slovenia.

Our experience

Safety nets for persons.
Our experience: Industry, construction, mining, manufacturing, services and many others. Safety and quality are our top priorities. 

Image: Personal safety net, fall protection 22.5 x 27 m, installed in Slovenia.


Dobava in montaža konstrukcije za tirnice dvigala, dobava tirnic in dobava dvigala nosilnosti 12.000 kg.
Dvigalo je namenjeno za montažo in vzdrževanje turbine in generatorja v hidroelektrarni.

Slika: mostno verižno dvigalo: razpon: 15 m, dvižna višina 10 m, lokacija obratovanja: Zall-Torrë, Albanija.



Certificate of conformity according to DIN EN 10204 - Metal products - Types of inspection certificates: Attest

Test certificate according to DIN EN 1677-1 Individual parts for load-lifting equipment - Safety - Part 1: Forged individual parts, quality class 8

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CE mark and
Declaration of Conformity