Chain hoists

Electric chain hoist of extremely short design.

Standard and custom engineered solutions

Electric chain hoists
Load capacity 125 kg to 50,000 kg

Hoists with steel rope

Electric hoist with steel wire rope.

Monorail and double rail trolleys.

Monorail trolley for cornering, suspended from two articulated trolleys and suitable for cornering.

Monorail trolleys up to 25 t and double-rail trolleys up to 250 t and more.

Wire rope winches

Wire Rope Winches up to 40 t and 160 m rope length

Manual winches, wire rope hoists, electric wire rope winches, compressed air wire rope winches.

Winches from 125 kg up to 40,000 kg with rope length up to 160 m or more. Special designs on request.

Drives for hoists

Pneumatic chain hoist.
Compressed air hoists.

Not only electrically driven, but also pneumatic.
Pneumatic chain hoist.

Spur gear hoists

Manual hoists and undercarriages.

Manual lifting devices with a capacity of up to 50,000 kg

Bridge cranes and equipment

Bridge crane and equipment.
Overhead cranes.

Single girder overhead travelling cranes, Single girder bridge cranes, Double-girder bridge cranes, Box girder Bridge cranes, Adapter cranes (without main girder), Gantry cranes, Wall-mounted slewing jib cranes, Pillar jib cranes, Lightweight cranes.

Electrics and electronics

Radio remote control for hoists.
Naprave za radijsko krmiljenje dvigal.

Sistemi za krmiljenje in nadzor.
Električna zaščita proti preobremenitvi.
WI-FI - sistemi.
Zaslon za prikaz obremenitev.
Električna krmilna omarica.
Kabli in drsni vodi za napajanje.
Frekvenčni pretvorniki

Steel wire ropes

Steel wire ropes according to EN DIN standard and special steel ropes.

Jeklene vrvi po EN DIN standardih in specialne jeklene vrvi.

Verige za transportne in dvižne naprave, specijalne in po EN DIN - standardih iz nerjavečega in visokoodpornoga jekla.

basic rope - nerotirajoča vrv

Non-rotating steel wire rope.

The flexible compact rope has a very high breaking strength thanks to strand compaction and is ideally suited for multilayer winding. Due to the complex core stranded in LongLife technology, the rope is significantly more flexible and durable than comparable products with a lower number of strands in the core. The rope offers excellent service life on tower cranes, mobile cranes, lattice towers, crawler cranes and offshore platform cranes. It is available for offshore winches and deep sea cranes in large diameters, 8 to 124 mm.

Steel chain

Hoist and industrial chain.

Chains for transport and lifting devices, special designs and according to EN DIN standards, made of stainless and high-strength steel.

Chains with high wear resistance according to EN 818-7-T and -DAT for manual and power lifting equipment.

Stainless steel and acid resistant chains according to DIN 5684 part 1 and 2 for manual and motorized hoists.


Delivery and assembly of a bridge crane.

Delivery and assembly of the construction for the crane rails, the crane rails and a chain hoist with a load capacity of 12,000 kg.
The crane is intended for installation and maintenance of the turbine and generator in the hydroelectric power station.

Picture: Bridge crane with span 15 m, lifting height 10 m, load capacity 12,000 kg. Location: Zall-Torrë, Albania.

Synchronized devices

Synchronized chain hoists.

Montaža in vzdržavanje centralne vodene črpalke v elektrani.

slika: sinhronizirani verižni dvigali 2 x 10.000 kg, dvižna višina 32 m Krmiljenje z "enim" daljinskim upravljalnikom dvigalo "A" ali dvigalo "B" ali sinhron.

Equipment - assemblies

Connection technology - assemblies.
Connection technology - assemblies.
Open wedge sockets and hooks.

Connection systems - individual elements

Connection and anchoring technology.
We supply you with complete equipment and accessories associated with lifting, pulling and transporting loads in the industry.
Chains, steel wire ropes, lifting textiles, load hooks, shackles and other connection technology

Supply of individual connecting components for various solutions for lifting, pulling and transporting goods with chains, wire ropes or lifting belts.

Stainless steel hoists - INOX

Stainless steel chain hoists.

Celotna naprava iz nerjavečega jekla, osnovna enota, obesni kavelj in kavelj za tovor, spodnji blok.

Nosilnost: 500/1, 1.000/1, 2.000/2 3.000/2 kg.

Za dvižno napravo 500 in 1.000 kg obstaja voziček za
I - nosilec sa prirobnicom širine 55 - 158 mm.

Za dvižno napravo nosilnosti 1.000 kg obstaja voziček na ročni verižni pogon za I - nosilec sa prirobnicom širine 74 - 150 mm.

Za dvižno napravo nosilnosti 2.000 in 3.000 kg obstaja voziček na ročni verižni pogon za I - nosilec sa prirobnicom širine 100 - 150 mm.


Shackles, similar DIN 82101, Form A

Shackle, high-strength RR-C-271, 6 time safety.
D-shape, H-shape, with screw collar pin or with hexagonal-head-pin.
DIN 82101 Form A, galvanised or raw.
DIN 82101 Form B, galvanized or raw.
DIN 82101 Form C (similar), quality class 8, 4 x safety, red lacquered or galvanized.
Shackle for swivel load hook.
Shackles, commercially available, straight or curved shape.
Stainless steel shackle.

Ex environment - ATEX

Ex-protection ATEX

Ex zones - The hoists are suitable for use in the following Ex areas:
Use in zone 1 or 21 and 2 or 22 temperature class T4 or lower. Gases of explosion group IIB or lower. (Exceptions are the IIB gases hydrogen Sylphide and ethylene oxide). 

Device classifications:
II 2G IIB c T4, II 2D c 135 ° C
II 2G IIB c T3, II 2D c 200 ° C
Brochure with information - Explosion protection: Contact us.

Lifting Point HIGH10, with bow, Grade 10

Lifting Point HIGH10, with bow, Grade 10

Product Summary.

Bridge cranes, gantry cranes, light crane systems, consoles, wall slewing cranes, free-standing crane systems, crane components, standard crane systems, individual solutions, standard endcarriages, series trains, monorails, rails for bridge cranes, rails for concrete and steel constructions, electronic and electronic devices for cranes and customer-specific components. "Crane KITS".

Documentation and certificates

Grad 100, Gradd 80, Grad 50, Rostfrei


Acceptance test certificate,  Certificate of conformity according to DIN EN 10204 - Metallic products - Types of test certificates, acceptance test certificates.
Test certificate according to DIN EN 1677-1 Components for slings - Safety - Part 1: Forged components, Grade 8


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Hoisting gear.

Overhead cranes - Portal cranes - Lightweight construction systems - Freestanding systems - Components of crane systems - Standard monorail or double-rail trolleys - Series head girders - Customer-specific trolleys for crane systems.
As well as components for customer-specific requirements.

Quality of fasteners.

Grade 100

Grade 80

Grade 50